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רוסית בנגב

Programs With Russian Speakers

Atid Bamidbar is known for having developed pioneering Russian-language materials and methodologies and for our collaboration with other, like-minded NGOs whose mission is deepening Russian-speaking immigrants’ Jewish knowledge and connection to Israel, and promoting intercultural dialogue between Russian-speaking and non-Russian-speaking Israelis.


Our flagship Children of the War program promotes intergenerational dialogue between elderly Russian speakers and younger Israelis of all ethnic backgrounds. You can read about it here

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Please contact Irena Kudman for details of all projects and how you can help:,
Tel. +972-54-9245905.
ילדי המלחמה, children of the war

"Children of the War"

This project trains high school pupils, university students, and youth movement counselors to document stories of the Jewish heroism of Russian-speaking WWII veterans, and of those who were children during the Holocaust in countries of the former Soviet Union.  


Jewish-Israeli Literacy

This project provides participants with a wide range of Russian-language lectures about Israel’s history, culture, Jewish and national holidays, and notable people.   

Parents' School

Ulpan is Israel’s formula for giving adult immigrants basic language skills to navigate Israeli society and bureaucracy and find jobs. Atid Bamidbar’s Parents’ School takes it up a notch in answer to the sometimes vast cultural gaps between Russian-speaking parents and their Israeli born and bred children.  

Seminars on Wheels

Q: How do adult Russian-speakers from a cold climate and mostly city backgrounds learn about their new home in a hot climate amid tanned, outdoorsy Israelis who speak a modern version of a language native to the Bible?  


The English translation of Hebrew-language Mifgash is Meeting. The project fosters acquaintance and relationships among elderly Russian- and Amharic-speaking olim aged 75+ in Kiryat Gat (north of Yeroham).  

Anti-Virus Project

The Covid pandemic presented the unique challenge of sustaining dialogue with housebound seniors and providing them with cultural and intellectual stimulation. We solved the problem by recruiting 320 young volunteers—among them Seminars on Wheels graduates—and other adults.

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