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פעילות קהילתית בדרום

Archives & Documentation 

Please contact Netanela tsahor for program details and how you can help:,
Tel. +972-54-7160401.

The Yeroham Te'udat Zehut Archive


The Yeroham Community Archive (est. 1988) is named for the pocket-sized ID card (teudat zehut), encased in blue plastic stamped with an olive branch-flanked menorah, carried by every Israeli, each of whom has a story to tell.

The program uses documentary filmmaking, mentoring of children and adults in family-tree and roots projects, and permanent outdoor exhibits to strengthen local identity and disseminate Yeroham’s story.


We make Yeroham’s source materials available to children and adults using a wide variety of formats: at Yeroham Heritage House, via workshops for children K–12 and public events for all ages; via historical signage and displays in neighborhoods throughout the town; and online via the Ben Zvi Institute’s Israel Revealed to the Eye project and the Ben-Gurion Archive at Ben-Gurion University.

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