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Yeroham Heritage House

Our Israeli Story


In 2014, Atid Bamidbar moved into a building of our own named in memory of a far-seeing and generous friend, the late Menuha Askola Pantz. The building is home to Yeroham Heritage House (est. 2022)—a National Heritage Site—which features permanent audiovisual exhibits telling of Yeroham’s history and ethnic communities and hosts community, cultural, and educational events.

Thanks to the Ministry of Culture’s Israeli Shabbat initiative, Friday and Shabbat visits are free for individuals and families.

Please contact Netanela Tsahor for details of all projects and how you can help:,
אירוע שכונת בר כוכבא בבית המייסדים.jpg

Yeroham’s Communities

Soon after the State of Israel’s establishment, immigrants came to Yeroham truly  from the earth’s four corners—Eastern Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and India. 


Yeroham Heritage House, Atid Bamidbar’s very own grassroots (community-based) museum, showcases their stories (which to this day infuse the town’s cadences, cuisine, handicrafts, and music).  


We invite local residents and Negev visitors to connect with Yeroham’s pioneer history via a variety of lectures, workshops, dialogue sessions, and holiday and community events.  

School Pupils

Spacious indoors and out, and featuring interactive exhibits, unique contents, and a welcoming and creative vibe—these aspects of Yeroham Heritage House make for a perfect school trip.


Pupils come to Yeroham Heritage House from around the country to learn about modern Israel’s early history, settlement in the Negev, and past and present pioneering.


Every summer, local kindergartners come here to learn about how their grandparents lived, where they worked, and how they played as youngsters—and native-born or newcomers, connect to the stories of the town.  

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Yeroham Heritage Park

Adjacent to Yeroham Heritage House and on the very site of the town’s first ma'abara (immigrant transit camp), we’re now planning Yeroham Heritage Park, an interactive outdoor museum and pavilions in remembrance and appreciation of the people who made the town what it is today. The project will be implemented thanks to the support of JNF Australia and JNF Israel, the Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel, and the Yeroham Local Council. 

Yeroham Heritage House

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