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Atid Bamidbar
Stories That Create Community

Atid Bamidbar views Israel's national, social, and cultural diversity as Israeli society's biggest advantage and therefore strives to enrich it with the voices of Israel's unheard communities. 


Stories That Create Community

Diversity is Israel’s greatest strength. Atid Bamidbar enriches the conversation by featuring the voices of Israel’s heretofore unheard communities.

Let us introduce you to the Negev’s people, history and cultures, and culinary pleasures via a wide range of guided tours, experiential workshops, and meetings with residents in their homes—all designed and delivered by local residents.

For reservations and more details:
Netanela: +972-54-7160401,,
Tel. (office) +972-8-6585484

We strengthen the Negev’s underrepresented individuals and communities by

  • Showcasing their narratives and cultural heritage

  • Fostering a positive self-image

  • Promoting local sustainable economic growth

Atid Bamidbar works to create a more pluralistic Israel that values diversity and maintains solidarity among individuals and groups.

Our Projects
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